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Salitra Ltd Registered in the UK. Company Number. 8472849  

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Consulting and Design

   Salitra Ltd. was founded in April 2013 by Ionut Salitra and Cristian Salitra who after years of working as specialists in the steelwork industry decided to merge their capabilities and knowledge and form a company that would grow over the years. With that momentum the company continues to grow to this day and serve its customers gaining more experience, capability and strength with every day that passes.


   With us you will find consulting, design and building services all under one roof.


   We offer professional consulting covering most areas of the construction and engineering areas. Specialist bespoke design services that will take your building and other construction or engineering project from concept idea to completion. From design stage to ready to build specification methods and drawings, full project planning and management. Building services offered using qualified and industry accredited contractors. We take great pride in the quality and efficiency of our work. All services provided to a high quality standard closely following current British Standards, regulations and guidelines.